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Friday July 19, 2019
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Dare Dorm is the newest addition to the sites on the internet that deal with the everyday routines of horny college students, but this one comes with a big twist. Instead of hiring some professional pornstars like some other sites with a similar theme might do, dressing them up l...   Read More...

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13878 college_rules College Rules College Rules College Rules | SCORE: 84.1
Monday February 11, 2019
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It’s okay to follow the rules, when those rules have been created by crazy and horny college students. It’s simple, party, get wasted and get a bunch of smoking hot young campus sluts to make out and fool around with each other before pleasing some college cocks.   Read More...

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21252 haze_her Haze Her Haze Her Haze Her | SCORE: 83.5
Monday October 07, 2013
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All across the nation girls are going off to college and many of them are going to want to get into a sorority house. The hottest sororities on campus don’t just let any girl in, first they have to survive the pledging which means some intense hazing. Here we get to watch some of the hottest, mos...   Read More...

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12446 cruelty_party Cruelty Party Cruelty Party Cruelty Party | SCORE: 83.3
Monday July 29, 2013
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The pain of cruelty has never felt so good until now, with the debut of Cruelty Party, a raunchy site aimed at excellence in Gang bang, Groups ex and Domination porn. Cruelty Party throws 'everything in moderation' out the window, and you'll be glad they did, because every video available is fill...   Read More...

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12525 naughty_bookworms Naughty Bookworms Naughty Bookworms Naughty Bookworms | SCORE: 75.2
Sunday July 28, 2013
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I never really found school to be fun until I got a prime seat at Naughty Bookworms, where cock craving coeds turn class into a place for ass. These hot sluts take on both roles of student and teacher making the content two different kinds of sexy and exciting especially since the only lesson the...   Read More...

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18594 college_sugar_babes College Sugar Babes College Sugar Babes College Sugar Babes | SCORE: 71.4
Sunday June 24, 2012
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If you’d like to attend a site with smoking hot young babes who attend college then you’re going to want to take a seat inside College Sugar Babes. This new sex site delivers some of the sexiest schoolgirl sweethearts around. Aside from being head to toe gorgeous, these babes share one other thin...   Read More...

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12527 socal_coeds Socal Coeds Socal Coeds Socal Coeds | SCORE: 70.9
Monday March 01, 2010
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If you know about Southern California then you know about all the hot ass chicks who live there, and if you've ever been to college you know how wild some of the girls can get, and that's exactly why you're going to enjoy Socal Coeds, where these slutty babes study one thing only and that's how t...   Read More...

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